July 21 - A wind turbine blade manufactured by LM Wind Power - claimed to be the world's longest at 88.4 m - has been transported from Lunderskov to Aalborg in Denmark.

The LM 88.4 P blade was transported over 218 km by road to a site in Aalborg, where it will undergo further testing.

Koos van der Zee, blade transportation senior manager at LM Wind Power, explained that the delivery required nine months of planning and coordination, due to its unprecedented size.

The entire route was mapped out in advance, and specialists were on hand to temporarily removed obstacles en route where necessary, said the company.

The blade had a maximum loaded height of 4.7 m, which LM Wind Power explained allowed for only 3 cm of space when passing under bridges.

The 88.4 m blade was developed by LM Wind Power in conjunction with Adwen - a 50:50 joint venture between Areva and Gamesa.

Watch a video of the blade's transport below: