June 4 - BigLift's Happy Buccaneer has transported a 1,220-tonne shiploader from Mokpo, South Korea to be installed on the new HPX3 coal loading berth at Hay Point in Australia.

The shipment was executed in close coordination with BigLift's agent Asiaworld Shipping. BigLift explained that it took two years of extensive planning and engineering studies to ensure that the machine could be safely positioned on the wharf at Hay Point, which is located approximately 1.8 km offshore.

The new berth is designed for bulk carriers up to 220,000 dwt, which meant that the height of the wharf deck was about 10.5 m above the Happy Buccaneer's deck at low tide.

The shiploader, which had the approximate dimensions 26 m x 26 m x 50 m and a boom of more than 70 m high, was well within the weight capacity of Happy Buccaneer's two 700-tonne capacity cranes.

The machine's four rail bogies were first positioned on the wharf, before the shiploader was lifted on to the bogies with millimetre accuracy in order to allow the connecting bolts to be fitted.

Additional tipper cars and other ancillary cargo were carried in the vessel's hold and discharged onto barges for subsequent installation during the final commissioning of the new berth.

This is the fourth shiploader of this design that BigLift's Happy Buccaneer has delivered to Queensland coal terminals over the years.