Logistics operator Bergé has begun operations in its newly automated terminal at the port of Bilbao, Spain.

The digital management system at terminal 2 aims to reduce waiting times and improve the experience of clients, shipowners, manufacturers, and companies that ship and receive goods.

The terminal can be accessed via two separate entrances – one for private vehicles, employees and visitors, and one for lorries. Both have technology for controlling and monitoring the arrival and departure of industrial vehicles and using scales to weigh goods, automatically delivering notes and just-in-time information.

Meanwhile, the Port Authority of Bilbao has progressed with a construction project to enlarge the port’s central pier.

In a joint venture, the port awarded the contract for the first phase of the urbanisation works of the central breakwater terminal. The project will see infrastructure and energy company Lantania and Bilbao-headquartered construction company Iza Obras y Promociones develop a 200,000 m sq area over a period of eight months.