June 15 - Blue Water Shipping has transported 14 large wind turbines from China to France for turbine manufacturer Goldwind International Holdings.

The 750 KW wind turbines were shipped from the port of Tianjin to Marseille Fos. Blue Water China's stevedores received the turbines at the Chinese port, unloaded the cargo and inspected it, before loading the units onto a vessel bound for France.

Blue Water was also responsible for the export Customs clearance, insurance and sea freight. Once in Marseille Fos, the turbines were discharged from the vessel and delivered to the consignee.



Elsewhere, Blue Water Singapore has handled the discharge of a derrick equipment set for use on a drilling rig. The set comprised of six heavy sections.

Initially, due to the quay's poor mooring facilities, a spud barge was chartered and secured in position so that the vessel could be safely moored alongside the barge, ready for unloading.

Due to the distance from the shore, it was necessary to use a 300-tonne capacity floating crane to unload each of the six sections onto the quay.