January 20 - Blue Water Shipping has transported a 26 m long flexible pipe by air from Denmark to the USA for OneSubsea.

The pipe is the longest piece of equipment ever transported by commercial aircraft into Houston's international airport, said Blue Water.

"Before the transport could commence, we had numerous telephone conferences involving both OneSubsea and the manufacturer of the pipe, National Oilwell in Kalundborg. The aim was to determine how we could design a packing which could support the flexible pipe during transport and handling, while also being acceptable for the involved hauliers, airport terminals and the airline," explained Blue Water project manager Nikolaj Buurgard Sørensen.

The packing was approved and manufactured in close cooperation between all parties involved.

Once all the road permits were approved, Blue Water transported the pipe from Kalundborg in Denmark to the airport in Luxembourg, where the pipe was loaded onto an aircraft for delivery to the USA.

In Houston, Blue Water monitored the unloading operations from the aircraft to a trailer and escorted the cargo to its final destination in Magnolia, Texas.