December 15 - Blue Water Shipping has handled the logistics of 11 large components for a jacking frame currently being installed on an offshore production platform in the South Arne oilfield, off the west coast of Esbjerg.

"During the project, we have been working closely together with our local agent in Tallinn where the elements have been manufactured," said Allan Leiberg Brodersen, project manager at Blue Water. "It is an advantage to work with a local agent, who has a wide knowledge of both the platform manufacturer and the local conditions in the port."

The local agent was responsible for the transport from the production site to the Estonian port of Tallinn, where the components were loaded onto vessels and shipped to Esbjerg.

Once in Denmark, Blue Water discharged the components onto the quay for storage, before they were shipped offshore for installation.

The frame is being installed by American company HESS Corporation, which has awarded Blue Water the logistics contract for a similar project planed for the first quarter of 2015.