July 24 - Blue Water Shipping has handled the transport of equipment for a biogas plant in Horsens, Denmark for Swedish clean-tech company Malmberg.

The consignment consisted of 32 tonnes of stainless steel and columns weighing 9 tonnes each. Four trucks and three specialised trailers were required for the transport.

"Our experience with project transports was very helpful in the loading and transporting of the large OOG items for the plant," said Johanna Hagström of Blue Water in Gothenburg.

Blue Water explained that working closely with Malmberg made the job easier since it had a good understanding of what the Swedish company required.

Blue Water has also recently transported five 29 m long beams for the construction of a church hall in Torshavn on the Faroe Islands.

The beams were transported via ro-ro ship. "When the beams are driven onboard the ship without lifting them by crane it minimises the risk of damaging," said Bent Rasmussen who is responsible for Blue Water in Hirtshals.

The company's operation in Hirtshals handles all of Blue Water's transports to the Faroe Islands.

"We have transported an oven for an incineration plant in Torshavn and a transformer for a new wind park in the Faroe Islands using the ro-ro method," added Rasmussen.

Blue Water has two offices in Iceland and one on the Faroe Islands, as well as three branches in Greenland.