May 4 - Blue Water Shipping's aid and relief team has transported six Iveco refrigerated trucks from China to Africa for the United Nations.

According to Blue Water Shipping, the biggest challenge was the weather and road conditions. "We often see that roads are destroyed by the heavy rain. Therefore, we conduct road surveys prior to transports to ensure that the cargo will not get stuck in the middle of nowhere," says Niels Mikkelsen, sea freight manager in Blue Water Shipping's aid and relief team, who was responsible for the transport.

The trucks were loaded on board a vessel in China for transportation to the Port of Beira in Mozambique. The company's partners in Mozambique monitored the reloading operation and handled transit clearing, documentation, and the hiring of cranes for the lifting operations.

The trucks were loaded onto six lowbed trailers and transported 1,000 km (621.4 miles), with guarded escort, to its destination.

Meanwhile, Blue Water Shipping's cooperation with Dong Energy's oil and gas division has continued despite the downturn in the oil and gas industry. The agreement has developed to include several of Blue Water Shipping's activities - such as cargo handling at the port area, rental of facilities, Customs clearance and transport services.

According to Blue Water Shipping, it has in particular worked proactively with Dong Energy on safety measures at the terminal and port area.