BOA has successfully drydocked the semi-submersible well intervention vessel, Q4000, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Boa Barge 29 and 30 in dry dock operation

Due to the Q4000’s large footprint, BOA mobilsed a pair of barges to complete the wok – Boa Barge 29 and Boa Barge 30. The company also provided its in-house engineering and design services for link beams, cribbing and guideposts.

BOA operated the barges in sync and oversaw the flo-flo operation, on behalf of Helix Energy Solutions.

BOA has been steadily increasing its capacity recently. Earlier this year, Boa Barge 38 entered service. Capable of submerging to 21.5 m and boasting a deck strength of 35 tonnes per sq m and a deck area of 5,150 sq m, it can handle the transport, load out and flo-flo of loads up to 28,500 tonnes. HLPFI reported on the launch here.