March 12 - HLI Rail & Rigging has completed the transhipment of a 111-tonne boiler from a girder bridge trailer on to a Goldhofer trailer at the company's yard in Laredo, Texas.

Lifting the boiler required the use of both a 140-tonne capacity crane and a 200-tonne capacity crane.

After the boiler had been set down on a temporary foundation, the two cranes worked in tandem to lift the girders from around the unit, before moving the front and back trailers away.

Once the unit was standing alone, HLI manoeuvred the Goldhofer trailer so that it was standing adjacent to the boiler. The cranes were then used to lift the boiler to a suitable height, so that the Goldhofer trailer could be driven underneath the unit.

Finally, the boiler was lowered onto the trailer and secured, ready to be transported to its final destination.