April 22 - Bolk Transport bv has invested in 35 Nooteboom pendle axle lines this year, including the purchase of two MULTI-PX modular semi low-loaders with Multidolly.

"The reason we opted for the Nooteboom MULTI-PX modular semi low-loader with Multidolly is that these semi-trailers with pendle axles are the only alternative to replace and extend our modular trailers in the segment of around 120-tonne load capacity," said Joop Savenije, managing director of Bolk.

Savenije also explained that other semi-trailers will obtain exemption for 12 tonnes per axle line in Germany alone, whereas the Nooteboom MULTI-PX modular semi low-loader legally offers 12 tonnes per axle line at 80 km/h in most European countries.

The Nooteboom modular semi low-loader has a unique hydraulic gooseneck with which the coupling/axle weight ratio can be hydraulically adjusted.

The MULTI-PX modular semi low-loaders were purchased in the configuration of a Multidolly with three axle lines and rear axle assembly with six axle lines, fitted with a double extendible load floor.

"With our modular trailers we always have to change the steering rods first to achieve optimal steering for various configurations. But with the Nooteboom modular semi we only have to operate one single lever," said Savenije.
"[Nooteboom] integrated several sets of steering cylinders in the steering system, which ensures that the steering is always optimal, whether we drive it as a semi low-loader with 9 axle lines or as a 3+6 semi low-loader with a length of 40 metres. This not only saves us a great deal of time, but having the correct steering at all times also considerably reduces our tyre wear," he added.

Over the last few years, Almelo-based Bolk has invested considerably in its fleet for its special and heavy transport division.