June 5 - Bolloré Logistics is already busy with an end-to-end logistics contract won earlier this year that involves transporting materials for the construction of a 100 MW gas fired combined-cycle power plant in Maputo, Mozambique for Electricidade de Mo

Bolloré Logistics is providing tailored logistics solutions to its engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) client, and is responsible for the shipping of out-of-gauge (OOG) materials from several countries including South Korea, Japan and Thailand.

Once unloaded in the Port of Maputo, Bolloré Logistics Mozambique is handling the Customs clearance and the transport to site, located 8 km from the port.  Due to site limitations, Bolloré will also provide storage areas for certain materials.

According to Bolloré, approximately 750 trips will be necessary to transport all the materials, which include three modules weighting up to 108 tons (98 tonnes) each, two gas turbines of 68 tons (61.7 tonnes) each and three generators of 94 tons (85 tonnes) each.

In total, 40,000 cu m of freight will be transported during the two-year project.