January 31 - Finnish shipping company, Turku-based Bore has won a three year time-charter contract with Fret Cetam (for and on behalf of Airbus) for one of the Bore RoFlex type - Bore Sea - a newbuilding delivered in 2011 from the Shipyard Flensburger Sch

Bore Sea will enter into its new service in April 2012 and with its flexible cargo handling will be deployed within the Airbus fortnightly service from Saint-Nazaire to the Mediterranean Sea. Bore Sea is registered as RoFlex ship with a flexible carrying capacity as well as improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions from its single common rail engine, says Bore.

Thomas Franck, CEO for Bore, declares: "By entering this contract with Fret Cetam, Bore manifests the highly valued flexibility of Bore Sea - a vessel well suited to serve the demanding logistics for the Airbus components. This deal is an important milestone for Bore to show that our efforts into the future are appreciated and evidencing the competitiveness of the motorways of the seas."

Jhonny Husell, executive vice president commercial, says: "With the delivery of Bore Sea to Fret Cetam we are pleased to enter into a new commercial partnership. Our commitment is to serve our new customer with a flexible logistics tool and fuel efficiency to match their requirements."

Gildas Maire, president of Fret Cetam concludes: "We are very excited that a state-of-the-art vessel like the Bore Sea will soon be loading Airbus components within our network and are confident that she will bring a formidable value added to our logistics chain."