November 12 - Baku, Azerbaijan based Bos-Shelf has invested in 24 axle lines of Kamag K24 self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

The electronically-steered vehicles are used to move heavy steel pipes with lengths of up to 24 m and diameters up to 5 m; modular equipment for deepsea jackets weighing up to 800 tonnes; and parts of heavy cranes, as well as for various other smaller loads.

In addition to the axle lines, Bos-Shelf ordered power packs, remote controls and bolsters, with 300-tonne payloads, as well as a SALSA software package, which allows the company to perform all necessary calculations and simulations for transport tasks.

TII Group, which markets the Kamag, Nicolas and Scheuerle brands, explained that a set of connection elements means that the modules can be operated in open compounds or mechanically coupled, in order to adapt to a variety of transportation projects.

Bos-Shelf also opted for a prolonged training programme for its staff by Kamag engineers, in order to guarantee a high level of skill amongst its operators.