January 30 - Franz Bracht Kran-Vermietung has installed new power generation equipment in Lüderitz, Germany using its high capacity crane equipment, including the Terex Superlift 3800 lattice boom crawler crane.

Crew members transported boom and jib components, as well as the superlift structure and counterweight for the 165 m boom configuration, which according to Terex was required for the turbine erection process.

For this installation, Terex claims that the massive crawler crane was equipped for the first time with a new type of boom configuration and frame option that increased crane capacity and improved rigging efficiency, as curbstones surrounding the turbine prevented the crew from getting as close as they had originally planned.

According to Terex, the Boom Booster kit increases the stiffness of the main boom by increasing boom width from the standard 3 m to a width of 3.5 m. Up to seven booster sections, with 12 m lengths, can be installed on the crane's main boom, which Terex claims allows it to reach a maximum hook height of 174 m.

Eric Jahn, crane operator for Franz Bracht adds: "With the new options, we can achieve a performance increase of 30 percent, meaning we get more lift capacity."