February 2 - Braemar Technical Services (BTS), the marine and offshore technical services arm of the Braemar Shipping Services Group, has rebranded its business units.

The move, which involves the Braemar FalconerBraemar Wavespec; and Braemar Steege units within theBTS division, is the latest phase in the group's strategy to establish a market facing business that can meet an increasingly wide range of the technical needs of the global marine and offshore markets, said an official statement.

Braemar Falconer Pte has changed its name to Braemar Technical Services (Offshore) Pte Ltd and will be known as Braemar Offshore. Braemar Wavespec has changed its name to Braemar Technical Services (Engineering) Ltd and will be known as Braemar Engineering. Braemar Steege has changed its name to Braemar Technical Services (Adjusting) Ltd and will be known as Braemar Adjusting. Finally Braemar (incorporating The Salvage Association) and Braemar Casbarian, which also sit within the BTS division, will maintain their identities as 

BTS was set up to bring a broader service as well as operating efficiency benefits to customers of its technical services businesses.

According to Quentin Soanes, executive director of Braemar Shipping Services plc and chairman of the BTS division, completion of this latest phase emphasises the significant strength in depth Braemar can now offer the marine and offshore sectors.

Soanes said: "The establishment of BTS is part of Braemar's continued plan to be a world leader in marine and energy services. The businesses within BTS are all pre-eminent in their fields and together offer even more comprehensive and integrated services to their clients throughout the global marine and energy sectors."