June 20 - This month has seen Crane Rental Corporation complete a number of heavy hauling projects across the USA.

In the northeast of the country, Crane Rental offloaded a 131.9-tonne propane tank, which had the dimensions 46 m x 4.3 m x 4.7 m, from a rail spur using 700-tonne capacity gantries, and transported it 83.7 km on its innovative dual-lane extending-axle transport trailer.

At times the trailer's axles expanded from 4.3 m to 6.1 m in order to more evenly distribute the load's weight over bridges on the state roads. The trailer was also able to temporarily drop the load a few inches in order to travel under low overpasses.

Also in the northeast, Crane Rental offloaded a 185.5-tonne surge tank from a rail spur using 700-tonne capacity gantries, and transported it 51.5 km on its tow hitch modular Goldhofer trailers. The load had the dimensions 47.8 m x 4.1 m x 4.9 m.

In the southeast, Crane Rental moves a 107.5-tonne transformer, assembled with radiators and other components, from its pad onto a six-line self-propelled Goldhofer trailer and transported it to a containment area.

The company then offloaded a new 84.4-tonne transformer from a rail spur, transported it on a six-line Goldhofer trailer and set the load in place using its 600-tonne capacity Terex AC500-2 hydraulic truck crane.

Yet another project for Crane Rental in the southeast involved the removal of a transformer that weighed over 136 tonnes from its foundation. The transformer was hoisted by the company's 700-tonne capacity gantry system and transferred onto an 18-axle self-propelled Goldhofer trailer to be transported to a holding area.

Crane Rental Corporation is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in the USA.