December 29 - Wagenborg Nedlift, Royal Wagenborg's specialist heavy transport. lifting and hoisting division has had a busy end of year.

At the construction site of Maasbracht Claus C power station in the Netherlands, the company has assisted in the installation of a new power train. The heaviest sections, weighing around 300 to 400 tonnes each, were transported via barge from Rotterdam to Maasbracht.

The modules were rolled-off the vessel and transported on trailers to the turbine building, then offloaded from from the trailers using a skid system - seen below. Lowering the items through the narrow installation space onto their foundation was completed without a hitch and the complete power train was succesfully installed. The second train will be installed before the end of this year and the third one in early 2010.

A second major project involved the Dutch gas network company Gasunie, which is currently working on a large number of extension projects on the Dutch gas pipeline network.

A part of this project is the construction of gas compression stations at various locations in the Netherlands which requires the assistance of Wagenborg Nedlift. The first stage of the project was to collect two heavy transformers, each weighing 84 tonnes from the factory in Nurnberg, Germany and transport them to Scheemda via the use of heavy transport trailers.

Upon arrival, two 500 tonne hydraulic cranes lifted and offloaded the transformers into the compression station. For this tandem lift, a multi-beam was used: a multi functional piece of lifting equipment, suitable for heavy lifting works - seen below.