Australia’s port of Mackay has seen 29,976 freight tonnes of breakbulk cargo traverse its wharves during January.


North Queensland Bulk Ports (NQBP) told HLPFI that January had been one of its busiest months for breakbulk cargoes.

“Additionally, there has been a shift in the diversity of the cargo, which is encouraging,” added NQBP. “Cargo manufactured in Europe and Central America is being handled at the port of Mackay, which represents further changes to the OEM supply chains.”

In August 2019, Höegh Autoliners expanded its services in Australia with the addition of a port call in Mackay and NQBP said the service is still being well-received.

Tore Listad, Höegh’s head of regional sales Europe, Middle East, India, Africa and Oceania said there was increased demand for the shipping line’s services in the region. “Our Mackay service in 2019… [has] provided a unique opportunity to receive cargo closer to the end markets in North Queensland,” added Listad.

“With the growing investments in this region we are meeting the increased demand for a reliable and monthly service. We are working to grow our customer portfolio and are receiving interest across the mining and construction sectors alike.”

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