Approximately 384,630 tons (348,930 tonnes) of cargo passed through South Jersey Ports in the USA during June 2021 – more than double the figures recorded in June 2020.

“June was a very good month at the South Jersey Ports as the economic recovery is in full swing,” said Andy Saporito, executive director and ceo of South Jersey Ports. Year-to-date (YTD) tonnage was also on the up compared to 2020, with an overall 29 percent increase.

“Not only has our YTD tonnage dramatically surpassed June of 2020, we are trending ahead of 2017 and 2018 and just slightly behind 2019 volumes when we moved more than 4 million tons of cargo.  Our year-to-date steel cargo imports grew 93 percent and breakbulk grew 82 percent, a signal of the strength of the broader economy and manufacturing sector.”

Breakbulk tonnage for June 2021 totalled 189,715 tons (172,106 tonnes).

The number of ship days through the first six months was 500, compared to 299 for the first half of 2020 – a 66 percent increase. “Ship days is the number of days a ship is loading or unloading at its terminal,” explained Kevin Duffy, assistant executive director/chief operating officer. “We have worked hard to ensure we continue to operate safely and efficiently to move the increased cargo and have space to meet our customer’s needs”.