June 1 - During the sixth membership conference of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE), the network members adopted a new membership status aimed at strengthening the group.

At the conference, which was held from May 17-18 in Antwerp, attending members voted for a one-member-per-country concept, and designated area membership status.

The network also elected a board of advisors, comprising four people from the attending member companies, to assist the network directors with new membership applications.

The board now includes Marc Huybrechts of Winjgaard Natie in Belgium; Michael Miao of Intermax Logistics in China; Eyup Ekin of Ekin Heavy and Project Cargo Transportation in Turkey; and Shihab Hydrose of Fast & Direct Heavy Lift Solution Services in Dubai.

The Priority Cargo Network - a member of the Quality Cargo Networks (QCN) group along with the CEE and Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) - also held its membership conference at the same time, where it voted for a three-member-per-country membership status, also aimed at bolstering its network. 


CEE network members in Antwerp.