August 13 - In an attempt to raise cancer awareness USA headquartered Ceres Barge Line - a provider of barge freight management and logistics services - has taken delivery of a 'hot pink' barge named Big Hope 1.

The barge was launched at Jefferson, Indiana. Ceres Barge Line has asked for Mary Crowley Cancer Research in Dallas to be the recipient of any donations stemming from Pink Hope 1.
Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) member representing the USA, Albacor Shipping, has sponsored Pink Hope 1. Albacor also transported a 238.6 tonne transformer from New Orleans, Louisiana to Mt. Vernon, Virginia with the new barge.
At Mt. Vernon, the transformer was discharged and loaded on to a 12-axle FS 36 ft deck railcar and transported to its final destination in Lewis Centre, Ohio.