September 7 - An old English expression has it that, for the want of a nail, the battle was lost. This sage wisdom sums up neatly the reality that even the biggest projects can flounder if an essential item stops working or is missing.

This is why, in response to growing demand, global air charter operator Chapman Freeborn's specialist On Board Courier (OBC) team has moved to new modern headquarters near Cologne-Bonn airport, Germany.

The team, which hand-delivers time-critical parts and important documents worldwide, has also been strengthened by the arrival of Pasquale Bellarosa to the position of business development and sales manager.

Offices for the OBC service have also been established in Beijing, Houston, Istanbul and Singapore, with plans to further develop the product in South America and India.

The company's couriers possess passports and visas for countries that are traditionally very difficult to access. The shipment is accompanied by one dedicated courier from pick up to personal delivery to recipient.