November 11 - Chapman Freeborn Airchartering has launched a strategic partnership with Oslo, Norway based Airbroker AS to enhance both parties' offerings in the international air charter market.

Through the partnership, Chapman Freeborn will now be the exclusive partner for all of Airbroker's charter requirements outside of its home market of Norway.

The new agreement has been established to give Norwegian customers greater access to worldwide air charter solutions, as well as enhancing Chapman Freeborn's existing coverage in Scandinavia.

The deal will give clients access to freighter aircraft, commercial airlines and private jets through Chapman Freeborn's global network.

In addition to marketing Chapman Freeborn's international air cargo and passenger charter solutions, Airbroker will also promote the company's on board courier (OBC) product - which offers hand-carry transportation services to a variety of sectors including the oil and gas industry.

The Airbroker team will work closely with the existing members of Chapman Freeborn's Scandinavia team, which is based in Copenhagen and headed by Kim Borgaard.

Together the two businesses will combine their local market expertise to target growth in both Norway and Denmark, as well as neighbouring Sweden and Finland.