August 2 - Member of CLC Projects representing Malta and Libya, Carmelo Caruana Company, has moved a vast amount of cargo for an LNG power station, writes Yasmin Sinclair.

The heaviest cargoes - consisting of transformers, turbines, condensers and other components - were delivered on five heavy lift vessels. Throughout the duration of the project components were sent daily to the site.

Carmelo Caruana's work also included assisting Fagioli on site, providing ancillary lifting equipment and dealing with all of the company's logistics demands. 

Meanwhile Logistics Plus, member of CLC Projects representing the USA and Turkmenistan, delivered 11 units of GE locomotives.



CLC Projects member representing Slovenia, Comark, was trusted to transport a historic boat built in 1955, Biser, which it claims is the last existing wooden fishing boat.

The total transport combination height of 5.45 m was the biggest challenge of the project, said Comark, as well as a number of narrow roundabouts and speed bumps en route.

Watch a video of the project below: