January 26 - Reiser Schwertransport has used a Kässbohrer K.SLH 8 trailer to move a 60-tonne transformer frame from Nordhausen to Duisburg port in Germany.

The transformer frame was first loaded onto the Kässbohrer trailer and secured with lashing rings, before being covered with tarpaulin.

Once the load had been checked and the vehicle was deemed in accordance with the road security measures, Reiser began the transport of the 60-tonne load to Duisburg port, which required a 420 km journey on the A2 motorway.

The new K. SLH 8 trailer, with its hydraulic steering axle technology, overcame manoeuvrability challenges on the narrow roads and tight corners, as well as providing a stable drive on the icy roads, explained Manfred Richter, chief driver at Reiser.

Richter also noted that the trailer's auto alignment system - which offers an automated alignment up to a speed of 15 km/h - was very effective.

He added that it was easy to extend or shorten the platform of the K.SLH 8 model, which reaches up to 9 m and offers increased flexibility with locks for every 1 m extension. When all extensions are in place, the length of the platform reaches 24.8 m, informed Kässbohrer.

After navigating the icy conditions, the K.SLH 8 arrived safely at the German port, from where the cargo is being shipped to the USA for use in a natural gas power station.