UK-based Collett & Sons has expanded its Elland depot complex with a heavy lift storage facility. 

New-Collett-Heavy-Lift-Warehouse (1)

The warehouse adds a 750 sq m internal storage area to the existing 3,800 sq m storage space “providing a secure and efficient environment for storing valuable heavy lift cargo,” said Collett.   

The facility also features a new 25-tonne capacity overhead gantry crane and is equipped with drive-in roller shutter doors, each measuring 5.5 m wide and 6 m tall, ensuring ease of entry and exit for out-of-gauge cargo.  

“With the addition of the heavy lift storage facility, the Elland depot complex now offers a substantial total of 4,550 sq m of internal heavy lift storage space,” said Collett. “This expansion is further complemented by the availability of multiple gantry cranes, ranging in capacities from 5-32 tonnes, ensuring that the facility can handle a wide spectrum of specialist lifting requirements.” 

In order to provide flexible solutions, all facilities at the complex are available to rent on a sq m basis, or as build-up or testing areas including crane usage and power. 

“In keeping with its commitment to environmental responsibility, we have ensured that the new heavy lift warehouse complies with all current environmental and sustainability requirements,” the company added. “By incorporating eco-friendly practices and technologies, the company reaffirms its dedication to reducing its environmental impact and contributing to a greener future.”