July 12 - Collett Transport has delivered an 87-tonne steel plate girder from manufacturer William Hare's facility in the northeast of the UK to the Bishopsgate construction site in London.

The girder, which had the dimensions 16.26 m x 2.3 m x 3.56 m, was first moved on a 12-axle modular trailer to a coating facility in Middlesbrough for painting. Once painted, the load was delivered by road to central London on a 14-axle modular trailer.

Months before the transport began, Collett's consulting team began planning the delivery and identifying a suitable route for the transport, which required undertaking site visits, route access surveys and detailed swept path analysis reports.

The trailer and load were accompanied en route by various police forces. Hertfordshire Police escorted the load around a diversion route in Watford, due to weight restrictions on London's Orbital motorway, the M25.

After waiting overnight at an abnormal load lay-by, Collett began the final leg of the transport, accompanied by its own escort vehicles, as well as escorts from the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police.

On arrival at the junction between Wormwood Street and the A10 Bishopsgate, Collett was required to execute a complex reverse manoeuvre before it could complete the rest of the journey.