September 23 - Collett Transport's recently acquired Scheuerle STB 550 girder bridge trailer has completed its maiden transport from Sheffield to the port of Goole in the UK, for on-carriage by ship to Antwerp.

The heavy transport company used the girder bridge, which Collett says has the largest capacity of its type in Europe, during the collection, transport and delivery of a 156-tonne steel casting from the Sheffield Forgemasters International factory to Goole on behalf of international freight forwarder, Expeditors.  

The casting, which was transported under police escort, will form the drop hammer in a large counter-blow forging press used to manufacture titanium forgings.

Eric Crosby
, projects director for Collett Transport said: "We are delighted to work together with Expeditors on this exciting first transportation employing our new STB 550 girder bridge and we look forward to many more exciting jobs in the future."

"Having worked with Collett Transport over a number of years on heavy haulage and heavy project moves, we find them to be a very knowledgeable, experienced and professional company," said Nathan Taylor, ocean export manager for Expeditors. "With the addition of the newly acquired Girder Bridge, (Collett) continues to push the boundaries of the heavy transport industry."

Collett says that with a maximum capacity of 550 tonnes and a 5:2 ratio between payload and deadweight, the introduction of the Scheuerle STB 550 girder bridge is a demonstration of the company's position as a market leader within the industry.

The STB 550 girder bridge was accompanied throughout the project by two 4-axle ballast (8x4) tractors to pull and push the combination whilst two 10-axle Scheuerle Intercombi modules in 2-file configuration facilitated the application of the girder bridge.  

The project also utilised Collett's newly acquired four axle 'power booster' module which effectively changes the complete vehicle's traction and pulling power capabilities.  

Compatible with the Scheuerle Intercombi and Eurocombi modules, the addition of the 'power booster' to the fleet, has increased Collett's SPMT fleet by 70 axle lines and gives any standard axle module an SPMT capability, says the company.