November 10 - Luxembourg based Demolition Terrassement XL has used its new CombiMAX trailer equipped with excavator trough and extendable excavator deck to haul a 95-tonne shovel dredger from the Netherlands to France.

The Hitachi ZX 870 dredger was loaded on the 4+6 CombiMAX trailer combination in Makkum, before being transported by road to a quarry in Landres, France - a 1,200 km journey that required passing through four countries.

Trailer manufacturer Faymonville claimed that the journey across the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France was easy to organise when it came to permits, since the CombiMAX vehicle has the necessary CoC (Certificate of Conformity).

The CoC makes pan-European registration of vehicles easier, indicating that a vehicle conforms to EU standards and safety regulations.