October 31 - Cometto, part of the Faymonville Group, has launched the MGSL modular axle lines, designed for public roads, off-road transport and plant operations.

Cometto says the MGSL product range will cater for transport projects with payloads ranging from 50 tonnes to 5,000 tonnes.

A strengthened loading area means the modular axle lines features a payload capacity of 50,000 kg (50 tonnes) per axle line above the wheel arches, and 80,000 kg (80 tonnes) above cross members for heavy and concentrated loads.

Cometto claims that the MGSL product range has the highest bending moment on the market and features high levels of manoeuvrability.

The pendulum axle lines, which have a stroke of 600 mm, ensure optimum ground contact and equal tyre pressure while the pivot-mounted bogie features a 60 degree steering angle.

The steering is controlled either by a gooseneck or by a drawbar.

The MGSL modular axle lines are compatible with a large range of standardised dropdecks, says Cometto.