February 22 - A London conference on ballast water is to be held against a background of tightening regulations and codes of practice that will be enacted over the coming months.

The Ballast Water Technology Conference will be held in London on February 23 - 24. 2012 as greater restrictions on ballast water are expected from the UN's International Maritime Organisation Ballast Water Management Convention as the US Coast Guard is expected to issue new regulations within weeks, hot on the heels of the US Environment Protection Agency's vessel general permit being put out for public comment.

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) Ballast Water Technology 2012 Conference, with its theme Impending Convention Requirements and Challenges, is set to take place in central London.

The focus of the conference is to highlight the challenges facing ship-owners and managers and the technical solutions available, offering both practical and critical guidance as to the most appropriate systems to adopt to ensure their regulatory compliance - offered by the experts and marine engineers most qualified to advise shipping, said a statement from the organisers.

The conference is timed to ensure the highest possible attendance of those coming to London for IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee 63rd session (MEPC 63) the following week - a step that will provide maximum opportunity to network with key ballast water decision makers. 

Further information on the conference is available from www.imarest.org/events