January 19 - Coordinadora Internacional de Cargas has coordinated the shipment of five heavy units from South Korea to Saudi Arabia for the Sadara project.

The consignment had a total volume of around 14,600 cu m, with the longest unit measuring 76.68 m and the heaviest piece weighing 629 tonnes.

The cargo was loaded on board a SAL Heavy Lift vessel at the South Korean port of Masan for shipment to Saudia Arabia. Coordinadora was responsible for the port operations, ocean freight and road transportation in Saudia Arabia.

"This operation proved to be an extraordinary challenge, especially for the complex lifting operation of the 76.68 m long item, which required the use of the three vessel cranes in two consecutive movements," said Coordinadora oil and gas director Luis González.

On arrival in Saudi Arabia, adverse weather conditions made the road transportation a challenging process, explained Higueras. After extensive planning and checking of transport configurations, with the correct number of axles, the cargo was delivered safely to the site.



Meanwhile, Coordinadora coordinated the shipment of six columns for the petrochemical industry from Spain to Canada for a Germany based engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company.

The two largest cargoes measured 58.9 m and 61.9 m long, with respective weights of 422 tonnes and 193 tonnes.

The columns were moved to the quay at Spain's Avilés Port on self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) before being loaded on board a heavy lift vessel using the ship's gear.

After shipment to the Port of Duluth in Minnesota, USA, the cargo was unloaded on supports ready for transfer onto specialised rail cars for transport to the cargo's final destination in Canada.



Coordinadora also provided a 20 ft container to consolidate all the small boxes, accessories and spare parts. This allowed significant time saving at both ends, improved cargo tracking and easier Customs procedures with the US authorities, said Coordinadora.

Coordinadora is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Spain.