February 23 - Six months after it ended discussions with a previous potential buyer, the US Port Corpus Christi has agreed to sell its Ingleside facility, the former U.S. Naval Station Ingleside, to Canyon Supply & Logistics.

Canyon Supply supports oil and gas production companies in the western Gulf of Mexico. It intends to develop the industrial part of the facility for offshore logistics for the oil and gas industry. The company will also work with Texas A&M to lease part of the base as an alternative energy centre and for related education activities.

In a statement, Port Corpus Christi and Canyon Supply will finalise a letter of intent for final approval at the March 8 port commission meeting, although port officials stressed there is still a 60-day period for the deal to be closed.

Naval Station Ingleside was designated for closure under the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Act resulting in the departure of the Navy in April 2010. At that time, ownership of the base reverted to the Port of Corpus Christi Authority. The naval station includes 483 acres with more than 70 buildings. The port has also included 433 acres of green field property bordering the base to be incorporated in the development project.

In May 2010, the Port Corpus Christi Commission said it was moving forward with arrangements which anticipate the sale of the former Navy property to Service Marine Group - 
http://www.heavyliftpfi.com/content/newsitem.aspx?rf=1&id=1566 But HLPFI understands that this deal fell through.