July 24 - With the Costa Concordia successfully refloated, Crowley Maritime Corporation subsidiary Titan Salvage and its partner Micoperi have advised that the shipwreck is now on its way to the Port of Genoa.

HLPFI reported on July 15 that the refloating of the shipwreck had begun, after it capsized off the shores of Giglio Island in 2012, killing 32 people. http://www.heavyliftpfi.com/news/costa-concordia-back-afloat.html

Currently moving at an average speed of two knots, the disabled cruise ship is being towed by a convoy comprised of at least ten other vessels.

The two lead tug boats towing the hull of the Costa Concordia are Resolve Marine Group's AHT Resolve Earl and Tschudi Offshore's AHT ITC Blizzard.

The convoy is expected to arrive in Genoa on July 26 at about midday, pending favourable weather and vessel traffic in the area.

Titan's senior salvage master, Nick Sloane, and salvage director, Rich Habib, are currently onboard the Costa Concordia to provide around-the-clock monitoring of the vessel's list, ballasting and speed.

Once the shipwreck has arrived in Genoa, Titan and Micoperi will assist with the transfer of the vessel to the Genoa consortium that will perform the dismantling.