July 5 - Trier, Germany-based Steil Kranarbeiten has utilised its Terex Superlift 3800 to load a crane girder at the Port of Speyer, and assemble two dockside cranes at the Port of Mannheim, on behalf of Kranwerke Mannheim.

The Superlift 3800, now known as the CC 3800-1, loaded the 78 m long, 105-tonne crane girder onto a pontoon at the Port of Speyer for onward transportation to the Port of Mannheim, for the construction of two container cranes at a shipyard in the port.

The hinged legs for the first dockside crane were erected with the help of two assist cranes, one with a lifting capacity of 200 tonnes, and the other 130 tonnes.

Meanwhile, the fully assembled, 241-tonne crane girder was lifted with the CC 3800-1, which was set up with a 54 m main boom, 50-tonne central ballast, 165-tonne superstructure counterweight, and 54-tonne Superlift counterweight. The crane girder was lifted to a height of 32 m and rotated so that it was parallel to the dockside crane's hinged legs so that it could be bolted together.

The two assist cranes were then utilised to bring the fixed legs into position for installation on the bogies. "During all this work, the crane had to hold the heavy crane girder in the required position without the girder swinging back and forth," explains Sebastian Sehl, project manager at Steil.

According to Terex, the next step was to bring the 15-tonne trolley onto the runway girder, using two 200-tonne cranes.