May 6 - Crane Rental Corporation recently transported three liquid natural gas (LNG) tanks, each weighing 75.2 tonnes, in south Florida and along the Miami River.

Each tank measured 40.9 m x 3.8 m x 4.27 m, and each one had to be transloaded from a larger barge to one that was less than 15.24 m wide in order to travel up the river.
Crane Rental then offloaded the tanks from the barge, and reloaded each one onto 18 axle-lines of THP Goldhofer modular trailers. This was achieved using a 275-tonne capacity Grove GMK5275 hydraulic all-terrain crane, plus a 240-tonne capacity Grove GMK5240 hydraulic all-terrain crane.
The Crane Rental crew transported the tanks more than 8 km to their final destination. The route included crossing railroad tracks, travelling under two bridges - one with just centimetres of clearance - and utilising police escorts to manage heavy Miami-area traffic. The job was completed safely in two days.
Crane Rental Corporation is a member to the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) global network.