April 4 - Crane Rental Corporation has helped transport a huge tower used to refine ethane from a natural gas stream to a natural gas plant in the northeast USA.

The tower was made up of two 231-tonne units with the dimensions 39.3 m x 4.3 m x 5.2 m, which were transported over 43 km from a rail spur to the plant using Crane Rental's Goldhofer multi-axle trailer.

The route was carefully planned over the last year by a team that included the state's Department of Transportation, in order to deliver the tower safely to its destination.

At a maximum speed of 5 mph, the tower transport was expected to take about four days but due to the cooperative weather and an expert team, took less than three, explained the company.

Crane Rental Corporation is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in the USA.