December 23 - Hansa Heavy Lift's vessel HHL Venice has shipped three cranes from Split, Croatia to Yushny in Ukraine.

One of the cranes was shipped dismantled, while the remaining two were transported fully erect under deck, which required the vessel to sail open hatch.

Hansa's 3D software was used to simulate the loading and unloading in advance to ensure the clearance between the vessel cranes and the cargo would be sufficient.

"Stability during the lift was critical because of the draft restrictions in the port of loading," said Christoph Ruck, project and transport engineer at Hansa. The available draught alongside during the lift was on average only 7 m so that clearance below the keel was sometimes limited to 50 cm. The cargo also had challenging 28 m high lifting points. 

"We undertook a motion response analysis of the vessel for this voyage and worked very closely with the crane manufacturer to ensure we had the correct seafastening method in place," explained Ruck.

Dealex Transport chartered this project on behalf of crane manufacturer Kirow Ardelt.