June 27 - Crowley Maritime Corporation is expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific market by opening a new project management office in Singapore and building two new heavy lift deck cargo barges for use in the region.

According to Crowley, the expansion will allow it to better serve customers in the oil and gas mining, EPCM, and EPIC industries - all of which are increasingly embarking on large-scale onshore and offshore projects and require additional support and resources, including full-service project management and logistics solutions.
Crowley's two new 112 m x 36.5 m heavy lift deck barges will be named HDB 01 and HDB 02 and will be positioned in Batam, Indonesia. The barges will be ABS classed and have a deadweight capacity of 20,000 tonnes. Each deck will feature 7.6 m side shells and will provide the capacity and deck strength (25 tonnes per sq m) to handle large drilling and production units. The HDB barges have been designed with robust ballast systems to cope with the high tidal ranges found at the region's ports.
The barges were designed by Crowley Maritime Corporation's maritime engineering subsidiary, Jensen Maritime, and are currently under construction in China. Both are scheduled for delivery in early 2014.
"As the industry looks to build and transport larger construction modules and topsides, the new Crowley HDB series barges will be better suited to handle the complex deck loads without the need for additional grillage in most cases," said Craig Tornga, Crowley's vice president of solutions.

Craig Tornga