May 17 - The US State Department has designated Jacksonville-based Crowley Maritime's Miami logistics warehouse as a Consolidated Receiving Point (CRP) facility. This permits Crowley to act as a subcontractor, providing complete logistics services to the

To be approved as a CRP, Crowley built a secure facility within the warehouse to the exact specifications of the State Department and only allows qualified employees with exclusive security clearance to work in the area.

Before Crowley was approved as a CRP warehouse, the company could not handle this type of sensitive cargo and often routed it to third-party CRP warehouses. Now, the cargo can be received, consolidated and dispatched all from one Crowley facility. The designation will also allow Crowley to perform complementary services for the State Department, including storage, inland movements, container loading, shipping, export docking, Customs brokerage and more.

"This new service underscores Crowley's commitment and capability in taking on even the most sophisticated private military and government projects," says Jay Brickman, vice president, government services.