July 4 - Dako Worldwide Transport has handled the transportation of an oversize crystalliser from a factory in the Istanbul province of Tuzla, Turkey to St Petersburg in Russia.

The huge unit, which weighed 80 tonnes and measured 16.54 m x 8.2 m x 8.47 m, was first transported on a low loader trailer to the quayside, before being lifted by a floating crane and moved to a loading pier at the Port of Istanbul.

From the loading pier, the crystalliser was lifted by a mobile crane into a vessel for shipment via the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea to the Port of St Petersburg.

On arrival in Russia, the cargo was discharged using a heavy lift crane and loaded onto specialised trailers for road transport to its final destination.

Dako, which is a member of the Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN), explained that it was not the weight of the unit, but its huge dimensions and centre of gravity that made the project so challenging.