June 20 - Röhlig Spain, the Spanish sister company of Röhlig Projects, has handled the shipment of a rotary drying machine drum from Spain to Australia, working on behalf of Spain's Rocalor, which supplies direct heated rotary dryers for drying different

Röhlig Projects says at 90 tonnes, the dryer is the heaviest and largest unit load shipped on a ro-ro service out of Spain's Santander port.

With a diameter of 7.25 m and height of 3.485 m, the width of the drying machine drum was a challenge as it could not be placed on a single 40 ft roll trailer which has a total width of 2.6 m.

Shipping line, Höegh Autoliners has been working on a prototype of its double Mafi concept that had been developed, tested and approved in the USA and here was another opportunity to use the equipment in a commercial operation.

Höegh's design involves two 40 ft roll trailers joined together by a coupling kit system, which locks the two trailers side-by-side. A twin gooseneck has also been developed ensuring the towing unit has a good connection with the roll trailer at all times during transport.  

Röhlig says that this was the first time the system has been used in Spain and only the second time in the world.

The drum was loaded on ro-ro vessel Höegh Target, which has a loading ramp of 12 m width, with the Port Kembla in Australia as the destination. with Borg Manufacturing, as the end customer, will use the unit to dry materials it uses in the manufacture of wood panel surfacing and cabinet doors.