July 18 - July has seen Cuxport start to develop a digital management system for its multipurpose terminals in Cuxhaven, Germany, in partnership with dbh Logistics IT, a software and consultancy company specialising in the areas of Customs and foreign tra

The current basic modules within the dbh Logistics' Advantage Portos software system are being adapted to the special requirements of the Cuxhaven multipurpose terminal in close cooperation with the Cuxport users.

The new terminal management system includes the organisation and supervision of all handling and warehouse processes and enables an electronic exchange of data with customers such as shipping companies, freight forwarders and shippers - as well as with public authorities such as Customs services and Niedersachsen Ports, the seaport's operator.

The goal is to make the processes at the terminal much slimmer and more efficient. The system is also designed to simplify current administration as a result of the mobile process controls and the high degree of connectivity with partners.

"Equally, the aim is to map the huge and growing spectrum of services at a multipurpose port at a system level, as the market demands - and with a view to the ongoing process of digitalisation during the next few years," says Mario Juranz, project manager at Cuxport.

"We're taking the next step with a web-based order and material management system and extensive gate automation - and our partners will benefit from this too."