November 6 - Dacotrans de Centroamerica has recently executed several projects and heavy lift transports in Panama, alongside opening a new office in the country.

One of the company's most significant projects was the handling of four coal silos from a vessel, for storage in the port area of Sambia Bonita in the province of Colon and subsequent on-carriage to Manzanillo.

The weight of one of the coal silos was 100 tonnes, with the dimensions 21.5 m x 7.9 m x 8.1 m.

In addition to this, Dacotrans has executed several wind farm projects in Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Daco Heavy Lift de Centroamerica provides all the necessary equipment, including more than 50 hydraulic axle lines, blade trailers for wind generating units and special trucks for nacelles.

Daco Heavy Lift de Centroamerica was established in 1997 in Guatemala, and is a subsidiary of Dacotrans de Centroamerica.

Dacotrans de Centroamerica is a member of the Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN).