September 13 - Daher is organising transport and logistics services for electrical substation equipment built by Siemens as part of the Lake Turkana wind power project in Kenya.

Daher is tasked with transporting equipment from locations in Europe, Turkey, Tunisia, India and China to the Loiyangalani site near Lake Turkana, about 1,000 km from Mombasa.

The logistics provider is coordinating sea freight, storage, transport and delivery of the equipment - which includes ten transformers each weighing 55 tonnes - to the construction site.

Scheduled to have a capacity of 310 MW by the summer of 2017, the Lake Turkana wind farm will reportedly be the largest of its kind in Africa, with 365 wind turbines installed on a 40,000 ha site.

HLPFI reported on March 29 that Bolloré Logistics had been awarded the contract by Vestas to provide project logistics services for the Kenyan wind farm.