Damen has delivered the 111 m-long mega barge Tomsk to Combi Lift.

The barge will be used in the construction of Gazprom’s Amur gas processing plant near Russia’s eastern border, transporting some of the largest components to the site. With a deadweight of 5,700 tonnes, it is almost twice the size of other barges in the company’s fleet.

AAS Amur Assets Shipping – a joint venture set up by Combi Lift to support its role in the construction of the Amur plant – will operate the barge, which has been designed to navigate the very shallow inland waters in which it will operate. This involved minimising the weight while maximising the length and beam to increase buoyancy and reducing the draught.

In total, Combi Lift is responsible for moving 176,000 tonnes of equipment and material that is required at the site.

Following its handover, the barge is to be transported to Shanghai and floated onto a semi-submersible transport ship that will take it to South Korea, where the first cargo will be loaded. The transport vessel, barge and cargo will then proceed to the Russian port of De-Kastri where the laden barge will be floated-off to start the 2,370 km journey to the construction site.