July 11 - Dan Czech Special Transport has transported a 60-tonne boiler from Chlebovice, in the Czech Republic to the Port of Antwerp for onward transportation to the USA.

The boiler was transported 1,549 km on a Goldhofer STHP/ET8 trailer, which had a total length of 36 m and measured 3.4 m wide.

The boiler and trailer had a combined weight of 119.9 tonnes.

In a separate project, Dan Czech transported a 97-tonne transformer from Pilsen, in the Czech Republic to Rohrbach an der Lafnitz, Austria using a Goldhofer STHP/ET12 trailer for the 781 km journey.

The total dimensions of the transformer and trailer reached 35.5 m x 3.3 m x 4.5 m and weighed 167 tonnes.