October 2 - DB Cargo has transported superheater coils for the construction of a power plant in Eordaia, Greece by rail in cooperation with ELOS Speditions.

The first wagon began its journey at the beginning of August, and by mid-September 33 wagons had made the journey to Greece, via the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria.

DB Cargo's loading consultants had to develop the loading plans for the rail transport, as the superheater coils, which are transported as bundled tubes, came in a range of different sizes up to 3.59 m x 23 m.

"However, the dimensions were not the only challenge we faced as part of this project," Janett Schmidt, customer manager, regional sales north/east in Halle, Germany, at DB Cargo. "The main difficulty was that neither the manufacturer nor the power plant in Greece had sidings of their own."

Upon arrival in Voluyak in Bulgaria, DB Schenker's logistics experts have carried out onward transport to the power plant by road because trains with wide loads cannot cross the border between Bulgaria and Greece.  

A further 30 wagons are expected to be delivered in October.