July 8 - Wagenborg has handled the factory to foundation transport of eight LPG bullet tanks from the place of manufacture in Willebroek, Belgium to the Shell oil terminal in Fredericia, Denmark, writes Arjumand Qobil.

The dimensions of each tank were 8.86 m x 13.62 m x 38.54 m with a weight of around 330 tonnes.

In Willebroek the tanks were rolled onto barges and shipped to Rotterdam where they were loaded onto Wagenborg SPMTs by the Matador 3 floating sheerleg.

Following a voyage by a heavy lift ship to Fredericia, the bullets were discharged onto SPMTs and temporarily stored before their final transport and installation at the oil terminal.

The transportation required intensive preparation such as route surveys, placing steel plates and removing obstacles. Subsequently every evening, for four days, two tanks were transported from the city harbour to the oil terminal.

As the tanks made their 6.5 km route through the town, they attracted crowds of amazed spectators who witnessed the careful movements of the tanks through the tight corners of Fredericia's streets.

Once all tanks were at the oil terminal, two crawler cranes were utilised to transship the bullet tanks from the SPMTs to their final position in pre-cast sand beds.